Power of Subconscious Mind

Power of Subconscious Mind

To summarize the work of Dr. Mercy, The Power of Subconscious Mind we could probably say that the subconscious mind works continuously and we can use the power of subconscious mind for self benefit and self development. This would in-turn help us to tackle with any issues in our life. It basically enhances the power of our physical and mental feelings.Ultimately the whole process relies upon being positive and removing the negative thoughts.

Power of subconscious mind is an amazing book which Revolves around Mind. It has numerous tips regarding ” How to control the brain” i.e. alot of knowledge sharing is a part of this book. Its a value for money product and the information which this book consist is quite amazing.

Spending Rs.75/- will give immense knowledge. There are numerous tips to understand the brain. Power of Subconscious Mind could be an amazing gift for all segments of society. Understanding Brain is very important for human beings. That way brain is the most complex part of our body and it needs to be understood closely.

Believe me understanding of brain is very important for us and our mind controls our body but this control should be rational.My objective of writing this blog is to sensitize you people because in our life often we face problems related to brain but our knowledge about this sensitive issue is very poor.Therefore our understanding  is very important. As per the reports of UNO by the year 2020 depression is going to be one of the biggest problems among humans. these days level of stress is increasing and people are becoming prey of depression. Now the question rises why this depression happen? Actually friends human body is very complex system itself and our body releases hormones on continuous basis. Dopamine is one of the very important hormone for our body and when our brain stops releasing this particular hormone than the end result is depression. Also we need to understand that dopamine is very important for MOTIVATION.We humans can not feel motivated without the release of this hormone. Meditation is suggested for depression patients but consistency is required so that you can get long term re-leave from depression.These days it is observed that specifically youth is not able to control their anger and they are very ambitious also. Actually brain is complicated device and it is affected very easily as these days materialistic pressures are very high. One need to balance professional and personal life else life may become hell.Rational development of brain is one of the very important factor which leads our life in positive direction. Our knowledge regarding handling of the brain give us right direction and help us to balance the life. Holistic development of the brain helps us to achieve the ultimate goal of our soul.

Now you will ask me what is the ultimate goal of the soul?

And the answer is MOKSHA attainment.Though what i am discussing is very important and sensitive concern for humans. In my next Blog I will throw light on this sensitive concern.

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